Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Phil's Playground of Broken Dreams

The subject of Dr. Phil's show today is failed weddings - counseling poor folks who've been scarred by the shattering of their girl-hood dreams.

This particular female guest had an allergic reaction at her wedding, her face swelled up a little for her photos and she had to leave to go to the doctor so she didn't get to throw the bouquet.
And, horror of horrors, at least 20 people saw her looking ugly.

She cries on stage, a peachy blubbering mess who blames her husband for the ruinous state of their marriage which is all because he failed to tell her she looked ugly on her wedding day.

"Its really hard to get past" she sobs.


Death of a child, war-like devastation of your home/country, loss of your legs.
These things are hard to get past.

Get some perspective you inane, petty whore.

Dr. Phil,
DO NOT GIVE THEM A FREE WEDDING RECEPTION BECAUSE SHE'S A WHINY SLUT. Find a Katrina victim and give them a kitchen.

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